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Sheet Music

My work
Original scores of compositions and arrangements for solo
and small ensembles in a varie
ty of styles.

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String Quartet

Compositions and Arrangements

My compositions and arrangements are for a variety of instruments, from solo piano to clarinet duets, flute choirs, saxophone quartets, string sextets, brass sextets and various other combinations. They are varied in length and complexity.


The main objective in my compositions was to maintain a strong melodic line and have a definite form.

The music I compose is essentially classical in nature and can have a variety of influences (such as romantic, jazzy,  reflective) or take on a particular dance form such as lyrical waltz, reel, tarantella, tango, ragtime etc.

Composing Music


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A lot of my Piano compositions are a hybrid, that is they are classical or romantic in style with contrast and climax, but gently fused with film music harmonies that gives an unusual or surprising outcome.


There are also quite a few piano arrangements of fantastic works from some of the world's greatest composers.

 These arrangements are simplified versions. My main aim was not to give an easy version, but to slim down the original in such a way to keep the piece as true to the original as possible by being very selective as to what and what not to omit and edit. I want to give pianists a substantial version if they are not quite ready for the original.

Instrumental Arrangements

The arrangements are all in the public domain and feature some of the best loved pieces in the repertoire. I wanted to arrange them for various combinations of instruments to give more instrumentalists an opportunity to play some of this wonderful music.

Classical Music Players

Please visit "sheet music store" at the top of the page to see the full range of scores available.

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