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Singing and Instrumental Services

Piano Backing Tracks

I can produce "tailor made" piano tracks for singers requiring them for auditions, concerts, productions, school/college shows etc.

In a lot of cases, the sheet music available is not the way a singer wishes- it may be in the wrong key for instance.

Commercially produced tracks may fit the key, but with a tailor made piano track, the musicianship is taken further to help you get what you want. This includes overall desired tempo, variations within the track, key signature, cuts and edits etc- in fact you say what you want and it can be done. (A slowed down version for practise can also be requested for a small additional fee)

All that’s required is a score with the appropriate markings either posted or sent to me as a PDF

and the track will be to your requirements.

The final version will be sent to your email address as an mp3 

Please email me (below) for fees.


Rehearsals and Examinations

I am available for rehearsals and exams for teachers where there is a minimum of 2 hours. You may also like your students simply to benefit from an occasional “run-through” of their pieces with a pianist or to prepare for an exam or concert!

Sample audio clips of my playing can be found under the “Flute and Clarinet Piano Accompaniments” section found on this website.

Rehearsals can be at my home address or elsewhere locally.

Fees for all rehearsals and/or examination are £24 per hour plus fuel expenses (just to cover petrol)

In the case of diploma students exams, concerts or any other enquiries please contact me for fees at:

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